What Are people saying about Ingrid D. Johnson & her Funky Fresh Crew

"Ingrid D. Johnson's voice is simple yet soulful". - SoulMatters

"... On My Own, gives a telling story of regrets and resolution with great R&B flavour highlighted by hot piano and lead guitar with a mix of spoken word in the lyrics to dramatize the message. Ive Got The Blues shows why jazz and blues are so closely connected with great trumpet and bluesy vocals. Listening to this song and others on What About Love? leaves the listener scratching their head over learning this is Johnson's first musical effort! This amazingly good." - The Phantom Tollbooth

"... Ingrid D. Johnson, based out of Winnipeg demonstrates that the vocal jazz scene is alive and well in the Great White North with her smooth sounding voice that seems to mix a little Esthero, a tiny bit of Amy Winehouse and a whole lot of soul."- Scribbles

" ... a hybrid of popular music with spoken word with social action". 

- Greyowl Point

"... With a vibe that finds its roots in 60s message music, Johnson moves the sound from the church basement up to the main sanctuary and rocks up a soulful message of hope through despair". - Midwest Record

" ... Positive vibes permeate every song, even the sad ones, on this ultimately uplifting disc. Her sound is a soulful blend of pop, jazz, and hip-hop supported by her band, the Funky Fresh Crew. An individually talented group. The Crew has a good chemistry that gives the songs a real vibrancy." - Broose Tulloch ( Stylus Magazine)

2006 Bravo! News NATIONAL TV Interview - Ingrid D. Johnson

Ingrid D. Johnson launches her spoken word CD, "Black Butterfly", in Winnipeg with the help of several, local, artists. A portion of the ticket sales went to KLINIC's sexual assault program. 

* This event was In The Closet Productions first fundraising event.  

2006 CBC national News TV interview

Becoming ... "A voice for the voiceless".

2015 Shaw TV FEATURE interview

A Shaw TV feature on the 2015 album "Visions and Dreams"