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"Little Black Butterfly in Iridescent Sunlight"


During a season of depression and transformation, in Summer 2004, Ingrid D. Johnson, pours her heart and soul into her first poetry book, "Little Black Butterfly in Iridescent Sunlight".

Months later, the book is published and launched in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on July.13th 2005, reaching #5 on the McNally Robinson bestseller's list, sparking all kinds of press and inspiration for a spoken word CD project and original song. 

The poetry book gave, Johnson, a voice and strong sense of purpose that she had been searching for her whole life. However, as she matured, as an artist, Johnson, decides to take the book out of print. A decision she makes confidently, after feeling no longer comfortable with all the contents of her first book.

The "Black Butterfly" Spoken word CD


Inspired by all the positive reactions to her first book of poetry that dealt with the impact of her childhood sexual abuse, Ingrid D. Johnson, decides to record a spoken word CD with the support of several Winnipeg, Hip-Hop, producers and talented vocalists. Igniting a brand new dream to be "a voice for the voiceless" by continuing to share her story of surviving childhood sexual abuse. 

Planning and organizing her first CD release party at The Empire night club, Ingrid D. Johnson, launches her spoken word album," Black Butterfly", in October 2006. Along with promotional support from Bravo! News and CBC National News that helps, Johnson, successfully raise funds for KLINIC's sexual assault Program. 

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Some "wounded souls" need to sing


Months later, after launching her first book, spoken word CD, and a music video for her poem, "The Real Woman", Johnson decides to switch gears by writing more songs after writing her first song, "Tired". This decision takes, Johnson, on an unexpected musical journey that begins with writing songs for several local artists on her first compilation CD "Wounded Soul" Vol 1&2.

Then, the journey continues with, Johnson, taking 3 years of voice lessons, as she searches for a band to help her perform her songs live, while dealing with unexpected triggers from her childhood trauma. 

Finding her band with the help of her guitarist, Johnson, faces the next challenge of singing her own stories on stage. A challenge she boldly takes on, gig after gig, allowing her wounded soul to not only speak ... but to also soar and sing! 

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