" She is a survivor of sexual abuse who uses words & music to piece together her own life as an offering of hope to others."

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Immigrating to Canada, from Jamaica, at the tender age of four, suffering through the impact of childhood sexual abuse, and living in the child welfare system provided, Ingrid D.Johnson, with a lot of inspiration for writing poems about her journey. These poems would later become her first, published, local, bestselling book in 2005 that would eventually inspire her original songs that she would record and perform live with the help of her band, of over 9 years, The Funky Fresh Crew.

Committed to being an artist that  helps to inspire positive social change, in October 2011, Ingrid D.Johnson, was chosen by The Manitoba Women' s Advisory Council and Mentoring Artist' s for Women's Art (MAWA)  to be honoured in a government publication: Women in The Arts: Artists Working for Social Change. Thus, confirming, Johnson's, vision and mission for her small production company, In The Closet Productions to be "a voice for the voiceless". A small production company that produces original music, books, live music shows and public speaking engagements that entertains and also helps to draw awareness to the impact of childhood sexual abuse and other important social issues.

Our upcoming projects


Good things are on the horizon. Currently, Ingrid D.Johnson, is in the process of working on a mini-anthology of stories by women who have been through childhood sexual abuse, and who are living with the impact. Check out and join our Facebook page "Writing through The Pain" to learn more about this exciting project, as it develops.


Also, stay tuned for the upcoming album,"Running with Scizzors". The album will offer a new sound and a fresh look at life, love, and relationships.

The musical journey continues! 

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Ingrid D. Johnson & The Funky Fresh Crew offers an original mix of uplifting Jazz, Pop, Soul and R&B music that is catchy and socially conscious.

Previously, Johnson, has performed at The 2017 Canada Games (Athlete's Village), and sung the Canadian national anthem at a Piston's hockey game in Steinbach. In addition to performing with her band at The Winnipeg Fringe Festival (2012 & 2015), The Bell Tower Cafe (2015 & 2016), The Steinbach Summer Festival (2015 - 2018 ), The Grant and Wilton Coffee House (2012), Happy Mike's Coffee House (2015), Rock'n for Choices Concert at The Manitoba Youth Centre (2018) and several other events.

 Over the years, Johnson, has also done some public speaking engagements with live music concerts for youths at The Manitoba Youth Centre (2015) and received opportunities to showcase with her band in Austin Texas (2013), Nashville, TN (2016) and Pennsylvania (2017). 

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