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"Songs for the voiceless"

Ingrid D. Johnson is a Winnipeg-based singer-songwriter with a deeply soulful rhythm-and-blues feel that evokes the girl pop singers of the early 60s. - Wanda Waterman

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Ingrid D Johnson &The Funky Fresh Crew offers an original mix of uplifting Jazz, Pop, Soul and R&B music that is catchy and socially conscious. 

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"Long After Your Gone" By ingrid D. Johnson

"Long After Your Gone" is a song written by Ingrid D. Johnson with music composed and arranged by her talented band, The Funky Fresh Crew from the 2015 album," Visions and Dreams." 

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"I work for love / not hate" by Ingrid D. Johnson

A beautiful music video about the importance of having a  vision and a dream.

*Lyrics written by Ingrid D. Johnson 

Music composed and arranged by The Funky Fresh Crew. Song from the album, "Visions and Dreams".

"Come Back" by Ingrid D. Johnson

Inspired by the idea that true unconditional love pursues each of us, relentlessly,  at all cost, "Come Back", is an uplifting inspirational track from the 2012 album What About Love? 

Music composed and arranged by The Funky Fresh Crew. Lyrics by Ingrid D. Johnson.

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"The Real Woman" By Ingrid D.Johnson

A spoken word video about the reality of woman hood versus unreal fantasies of woman hood. Taken from the 2005 local best selling poetry book, "Black Butterfly in Iridescent Sunlight".

* Music produced by Sunil "Ishq" Bector in 2004. Released on the 2006 Spoken word album "Black Butterfly."